About Jukka Aalho

Jukka Aalho is a Finnish writer, TEDx speaker and full-stack marketer.

I’m a full-stack creative with years of experience both agency-side and client-side. In 2021 I started full-time at Aalho Media – helping businesses through stories that convert.

You can reach me at jukka@aalho.fi or +358 50 590 7703.

  • Planning and strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Optimization
Before taking a new surname Aalho, I was known as Jukka Ahola. They’re both me.

Explore the boundaries of tech and creativity with the Aum Golly series

Aum Golly is a series of poetry books written with the latest generative AI models. In the series so far:

  • Aum Golly, Jukka Aalho & GPT-3 written in 24 hours (2021)
  • Aum Golly 2, Jukka Aalho & ChatGPT & Midjourney, written and illustrated in 12 hours (2023)

Read more and get yours at aumgolly.com.

Jukka Aalho: Bio and Images

Do you need a short description of me? You can find my bio below and a link to a folder with images. 

Jukka Aalho is a full-stack marketer, writer and TEDx speaker.

Jukka Aalho (born 1986) is a Finnish full-stack marketer, writer and TEDx speaker. His passion is to combine creativity with new technologies.

Jukka Aalho (born 1986) is a Finnish full-stack marketer, writer and TEDx speaker. His passion is to combine creativity with new technologies. In 2020, he gave a TEDx talk on quantifying creativity.

Together with the language model GPT-3 Jukka Aalho has published a book of AI poetry: Aum Golly (Basam Books, 2021). In his free time, Jukka enjoys creative writing, photography and spending time outdoors.

Portrait shots and related images

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Thanks for coming to my TEDx talk

In January 2020 I talked about quantifying creativity and finishing large creative projects at TEDxOulu.

Work Experience

Aalho Media

  • Founder, 2021–

Oura Health

  • Science Communication Lead, 2020–2021
  • Content Lead, 2017–2020

Polar Electro

  • Copywriter, 2015–2017

Ad Agency Siberia

  • Copywriter, 2012–2015

Kertojan ääni

  • Podcaster and micro publisher, 2016–
Podcastaaja Jukka Aalho

Get to Know Me

Below is a selection of my creative projects. 

Aum Golly: Poems on Humanity by an Artificial Intelligence
Roles: co-author, marketer

The Banjo Man: Lenovo’s Day in the Life campaign video
Roles: screenwriter, actor
Production: Fanciful Fox

Share the Burden
Cannes Young Lions Finland, Film Gold, 2015
Role: screenwriter
Partner: Ville Pohjonen

Be Out of the Ordinary: Mattel’s Monster High short film
Role: screenwriter
Production: Nanea Miyata

Published Work

– “Aum Golly 2: Illustrated Poems on Humanity by Artificial Intelligence”, 2023 (Kertojan ääni)
– “Aum Golly: Poems on Humanity by an Artificial Intelligence”, 2021 (in Finnish by Basam Books)
– “Helmi und Loviisa”, short story in the German anthology Weniger eine Leiche als vielmehr eine Figur: Erzählungen aus dem Ostseeraum (Reinecke & Voß, 2016)
– “Helmi ja Loviisa”, short story in the Finnish anthology Novellit 2016 (Gummerus 2016)
– “Lauri”, short story in the Finnish anthology Metsällä (Maahenki, 2015)


– Young Lions Finland, Marketers GOLD, 2017
– 1st prize, Mökillä Short Story Competition, 2017
– 1st prize, J. H. Erkko Writing Competition for Short Stories, 2016 – Tongies 2016: Best Long-Form Video: Jukka | The Banjoman
– 1st Prize, Martti Joenpolvi’s Short Story Competition, 2016
– Young Creatives Finland, short list, 2015
– 2nd prize, J. H. Erkko Writing Competition for Poetry, 2015
– Young Lions Finland, Film GOLD, 2015
– City of Oulu Culture Award, 2013
– 1st prize, J. H. Erkko Writing Competition for Short Stories, 2016

What Others Are Saying

“Jukka is supremely human. This is his superpower. It is his warm humanity that helps to solve problems, create stories and build amazing things.”
– Brad Barrish, Head of Customer Experience, Oura Health

“This work is exactly what we were looking for in the Marketers category. We saw highly energetic performers and an idea that had been honed to perfection. This work and its creators have the chance to prove their worth as young lions on the international stage.”
– Young Lions Finland, Media & Marketers Jury, 2017

“The video had a big idea and a fantastic storyline. This is the only entry that really got under our skin. Clear gold!”
– Young Lions Finland competition jury, 2015


MA in English philology, University of Oulu, 2012. Studies in Finnish, Latin, Ancient Greek and marketing.

A semester abroad studying graphic design and journalism at Newcastle University, Australia and journalism in Università di Bologna, Italy.